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MedScience is dedicated to providing specialist quality support to their Customer Base which is reflected in achieving quality standard of ISO 9001:2015. Our service division offer our clients a range of contract proposals, from comprehensive cover to preventative maintenance to calibration, plus customised contracts to suit individual customer needs.


Service Solutions

MedScience has a dedicated in-house Calibration Department offering calibration and validation services across a range of produces and disciplines. We are UKAS ISO 17025 accredited since 2023 in Temperature for calibration of digital temperature indicators and temperature mapping.

We can also offer calibrations, fully traceable to National Standards, in various other disciplines including;

  • Relative Humidity
  • Mass
  • Gas Levels such as CO2, O2, N2
  • Rotational Speed (RPM)
  • Pressure
  • Voltage
  • Current

The installation was carried out with the minimum of fuss and I am very grateful for that, as it made my job a lot easier. – Principal Clinical Engineer, Hospital Group, Digital Temperature Indicators

Many of the projects we have undertaken due to their nature have required a high degree of specialised handling and careful assembly. This has given us hands on experience with the special considerations needed for precision work, as a result of this we can offer our skills to help with the installation, integration and commissioning of medical, scientific and industrial equipment.

We have extensive experience, spanning over 30 years, in the installation, operation and maintenance of our range of products. All MedScience Service engineers are comprehensively trained by our manufacturers, continually assessed, and are qualified to ISO 9002 standards.

Only MedScience employed Engineers are provided with a MedScience Training Records that record all of the training, qualification and competency skills that the individual has successfully completed during their career with Accuscience.

We can provide economical, customised service contracts, designed to meet your needs, on a wide variety of equipment and instrumentation. This is so you are guaranteed maximum performance over the entire service life of equipment.

With MedScience spares and accessories, the difference is in the details. All our spare parts are OEM supplied and manufactured to demanding specifications, and tested under a variety of conditions. We hold the supplier recommended spare parts listing in our Service Facility to ensure fast turnaround times and service delivery.

Our MedScience Technical Service Team are happy to provide you with competent and expert support at any time. We provide 7-day emergency support to customers throughout Ireland. The goal of Technical Service Team is to evaluate and resolve each unique situation as quickly and effectively as possible to maximise your equipment up-time. Beyond this, we pride ourselves on the dedication of our team to the company and to you, our customer. This attests to the strong relationships and loyalty our team has helped create with our customers.